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Meet Designer Deborah Toner

Deborah’s work came about while studying Architecture at Ulster University in Belfast. As part of her thesis, she studied maps of Belfast and made a series of machine stitched maps showing the changing of the city pattern throughout history. The original copy of these maps sits on permanent collection in the Ulster Museum, Belfast.


Following completing her Master of Architecture, in 2010, Deborah decided to combine her love of Architecture and Interiors and set up her own gift and home ware business. She embroiders images, maps and skylines onto the finest quality, locally made Irish Linen and makes them into a range of high end products for your home.


Deborah enjoys the idea of distinguishable patterns, especially when something like a map, building or a skyline, which is very structured and architectural, can be made into something soft and tactile.


Her ethos is to always maintain a high quality of product and design with a continuous connection to her Architectural background.


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