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Meet Helen Perry of Strombolitwo

Designer-Makers strombolitwo

After a childhood in New Zealand where I first learnt to knit and sew, I studied architecture in Australia.  Designing and making costumes for student theatre there, inspired making pieces for sale.

As designer-owner of Stromboli Apparel in Sydney, my love of fabrics, draping and accessories came together in the production of cutting edge women’s-wear in silks, cottons and linen.  Several ranges featured the work of a local Japanese silk kimono painter. 

Now living in Northern Ireland, my love of fabric endures and the gorgeous north coast inspired the rebirth of Strombolitwo.

Textiles collected in Australia and Ireland with gorgeous vintage kimonos and silks imported from Japan, are transformed into unique, handcrafted accessories for men and women.  I am also delighted to bring my wealth of professional fashion experience and skills to work with clients on special orders

for a specific occasion or to match an outfit.

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