Meet Linda Lewis - Textile Artist

I am a Textile Artist and Special Needs/Art Coordinator. I create Felt pictures which respond to local landscapes. I am fortunate to be able to extract both inspiration and material from our Coastline. The pictures are created using locally sourced sheep’s wool, which I feel adds a certain familiarity to the narrative of each piece. The wool is felted by hand to create depth, texture and feeling of movement - evoked by our beautiful and temperamental landscape. 

My interest in textiles was instilled at an early age, my mother, an accomplished dressmaker would give my sisters and I odds and ends of materials to turn into dresses for our dolls. This interest evolved into an affinity of all things fabric! I facilitate workshops in crocheting, silk painting, sewing, fabric dyeing and paper making. Although I have a vested interest in all of these practices I particularly love sharing the art of felt making. It is such a beautifully organic medium which dates back to the Neolithic period. It is the oldest fabric known to man, the same felt making process has been used over hundreds and thousands of years. I am fascinated by these age old techniques and enjoy experimenting and building a dialogue between processes old and new.

I am a qualified teacher and my studies have included Art Therapy and Counselling which I now incorporate into my daily work. Awards include the James McCord Bursary, 2009 (presented by Neil Shawcross) and Textile Bio Diversity Award, 2005 (presented by David Bellamy) I have also collaborated with a number of artists in a variety of Community projects.

April 16, 2018 — Linda Dixon