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Meet Louise O'Neill of Bluehouse Gifts

bluehouse gifts slate

Having a natural flair for fine art at an early age, Louise has used her creative skills which has led her to receive many public projects & private commissioned pieces over the years

A change of media began over 20 years ago starting my career as a Decorative Glass Designer. This required me to develop fine art onto glass. Creating stained Glass designs & specialising in the art of traditional sandblasting/glass etching.

Living in the Glens of Antrim all my life & from a farming background I was inspired by my heritage. With an old homestead that is known as The Blue House has been standing over 200 years & in our family over 5 generations holds fond memories from a bygone era. The Bangor Blue Slate that fell from the roof & designing in the art of traditional sandblasting I created my first piece naming my new business BLUE HOUSE GIFTS.

I pride myself using my own designs that been influence by Irish Heritage & our local Land Marks. Creating unique Gifts hand crafted in the Glens of Antrim. Sourcing locally reclaimed slate whether it’s from an old homestead or salvaged from other buildings each piece has its own little story to tell!!

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