Meet Philip & Lisa Lawler of Once Upon a Dandelion
Philip and Lisa of Once upon a Dandelion create wood art and quote signs using locally sourced reclaimed and pallet wood.  Based at the foot of the Mournes in Newcastle Co. Down they are surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty providing their inspiration for a number of their pieces including their popular Mournes range of quotes and the daisy/wildflower Ireland maps.
They have developed quite a range of quote signs and are very selective when it comes to the quotes they use. There is enough negativity in the world!!! So they ensure their quotes are positive and inspirational as well as fun and quirky.  Lisa has a soft spot for timeless classics such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Muir, Lewis Carroll and J.m. Barrie to name just a few.  All of their designs and artwork are original, complimenting the natural beauty of the wood and are now traditionally screen printing them directly onto their handmade wood frames and finishing with hand painted detail.
They generally try to not take themselves too seriously and really just want to make products that encourage, invoke happy memories and put a smile on their customers faces every time they see their purchases in their homes.
As a young business, they are keen to stick to their roots of using reclaimed materials where possible, using local suppliers, supporting other small businesses and staying socially aware.  
One of their designs, which Lisa really brought to life, is the daisy world map. It is very much a statement piece about the beauty of the world if you strip away all differences and inequalities, highlighting everyones ability to grow and flourish anywhere in the world if given the chance to. A percentage of the profits from the wooden map and the prints of this go directly to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station), an amazing charity working directly with and saving the lives of thousands of refugees at sea.
May 30, 2017 — Lauren Nevin