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Meet the Designer-Makers — textile

Meet Textile Artist Jane Mathers

jane mathers textile

I am Jane Mathers applied artist with a background in textile crafts; the emphasis of my practice is on texture, decoration and the hybrid mix of traditional and contemporary techniques to create engaging and innovative textile art.  While specialising in embroidery my practice extends to; painting, print and mixed media.  Having completed a BA (Hons) degree in Textile Crafts, University of Huddersfield and a MA in Multidisciplinary Design, University of Ulster, Belfast, I started up Jane Mathers - Textile Artist, and lecture textiles at local colleges while taking workshops at a number of different venues. Using my own unique and...

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Meet Textile Artist Geraldine Leonard

geraldine leonard textile

Geraldine Leonard is a Textile Artist influenced by our beautiful wild Irish landscape. Her home, in the spectacular 'Garden of Ireland'  in Wicklow inspires Geraldine to combine beautiful luxurious textiles, soft cashmere's, mohairs and silks to capture the true essence of our heritage and wild beauty. The striking combination of sensual, velvety textiles and a vividly rich colour palette allows her to transform scenes from the Irish landscape into incredibly unique pieces of art. She hand-dyes some of the materials herself and sources her natural materials locally where possible to ensure that her work is produced to the highest of...

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Meet Andrea Hayes

andrea hayes textile

Andrea Hayes is a Textile Artist from and based in Cookstown,Co.Tyrone. A graduate of the National College of Art and Design Dublin , where she specialised in embroidered textiles. From 2006-2008 Andrea developed her art practice through her time on Craft NI’s two year “Making it” programme, placed as artist in residence at NWRC.  Since then Andrea has continued developing her artwork making textile artwork which are sold throughout a number of galleries throughout Ireland.  Each piece is individual; handpainted with layers of hand dyed fabrics, hand and machine stitched with elements of copper fragments.  These pieces are based on...

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