5 Textile Art Pieces Inspired By Our Landscape

5 Textile Art Pieces Inspired By Our Landscape

At The Designerie, Bushmills we have a range of beautifully unique pieces on sale which are created by artisans. If you’re in the mood for re-decorating we’ve got plenty of options for you!

Some of our textile artists include:

  • Jill Gurney owner of Linen Lane and one of our onsite makers in Makers House 
  • Andrea Hayes from Cookstown
  • Linda Lewis, a textile artist and special needs/art teacher
  • Jane Mathers, situated in Banbridge

Textile art is the process of weaving or braiding fibres sourced from plants, animals or synthetic materials. The elements used can be painted or dyed to create a beautiful mixture of colours, giving the piece more depth. 

Here are 5 of our favourite textile art pieces inspired by our landscape:

  1. Jill Gurney of Linen Lane

A perfect gift for anyone who loves the countryside, Linen Lane offers textile pieces that are both sustainable and unique.

Ranging from beautiful lamps to hand screen printed sheep gifts to popular Irish Blessings fine art prints, resident maker Jill Gurney uses Irish Linen to make stunning pieces for your home.  

Click here for more information or visit us in store to see her pieces.

  1. Andrea Hayes - Square North Coast Textile Art

This gorgeous piece crafted by Co.Tyrone’s very own Andrea Hayes captures the beauty of our picturesque North Coast. Carefully created by hand, each piece is individually painted and stitched to create layers of beauty. Copper elements are also added to create a reflective component that complements the earthy tones of the landscape.

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  1. Linda Lewis - Flowers Small Felt Frame

With two styles available (Lavender and Felicia), these small felt flower designs will brighten up any room. Linda creates her beautiful pieces by using a combination of needle felt and welt felt, which together create more depth to the artwork, giving it a three-dimensional feel. 

Click here for more details 

  1. Andrea Hayes - "Amongst the Heather" Mounted Textile Art

Andrea Hayes carefully crafts all of her pieces by hand, making all of her artwork unique. In this piece, she uses rustic tones to create a vibrant landscape that replicates a country landscape. The composition of this piece gives a layered effect, giving your eye a lot to scan over. The fabrics have been implemented into the piece to create an array of textures, adding to the earthy creations she makes. 

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  1. Jane Mathers - Stone Walls


Jane Mathers’ collection is inspired by the stone walls scattered throughout the Irish landscape. Celebrating their rugged and unspoilt nature and the age-old craft of the hand built and handmade, her pieces are a  hybrid mix of traditional and contemporary techniques that create engaging and innovative textile art.

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The Designerie brings together a collection of wonderful handcrafted homeware and gifts, all created by artisan makers. To see our full range, check out thedesignerie.co.uk