7 Unique Wall Art Pieces to Brighten Up Your Home

7 Unique Wall Art Pieces to Brighten Up Your Home

We all have that one odd space in our home that just seems a bit blank and empty. 

And while decorating with art is the obvious choice, selecting the right piece can sometimes seem daunting.

Here are our recommendations for 7 Unique Wall Art Pieces That You Can Buy In The Designerie To Brighten Up Your Home:

1. Laura McIlveen - 'Ending the year as I mean to go on' - Mussenden Temple

A total sunset chaser, Laura loves to capture the colour and movement of water in her photography to create a bold piece that brightens up any space. 

Exploring the North Coast ignited Laura’s passion for landscape photography, and her artwork invites you to explore the beauty of Northern Ireland.

You can bring a piece of the Causeway Coast into your home or workspace with this beautiful shot of Mussenden Temple.  

Bespoke orders or bigger framed pieces are available in store.

2. Rara Makes - 'Dear Heart You are Deeply Loved' A4 Print

Karen creates beautiful mixed media faith-inspired prints, hand-lettered bible prints and hand-decorated china plates. 

This high-quality print of an original mixed media painting from Rara Makes will brighten up any room.

Karen Lindsay of Rara Makes is inspired by the wonder of creation, and life’s truths which is represented in her work. Stemming from her passionate Christian faith her prints have meaning and touch the souls. 

3. Rachel Julca - Medium Square Ceramic House 7

This quirky ceramic wall decor is truly beautiful. The happy street scene pictures are created with individually handcrafted ceramic pieces.

Taking inspiration from her local landscape, Rachel Julca creates mixed media street scene pictures. Based on her own original design, these handmade items are fun and nostalgic at the same time.

Incorporating one of her pieces into your home will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. 

4. Paula Mckinney - Downings

Paula tries to create fluidity in her work, expressing the sense of freedom experienced in these environments. She enjoys exploring paints, the different processes and mark making methods to create a loose free style with the intention of expressing ideas in an exciting and intuitive manner. 

"Downings" depicts a beautiful place in Donegal. The cottage seen from the beach is a landmark place and for many will be a reminder of summer holidays spent there.

Paula's Paintings are available in store

5.Sarah McKenna Framed Tile - What Is For You Won't Pass You

Sarah McKenna impresses inspiring quotes, poetry and sentimental lyrics into her clay pieces to bring people joy. Made in her studio space in Dundalk, her pieces are designed to stand the test of time. 

Depicting a simple road winding off into the distance and a bright yellow moon this wall piece will remind you that “What is for you won’t pass you”.

6. Emma Leahy - Dawn & Dusk Ceramic Flowers

    Give your home a sophisticated and chic feel with this monochromatic piece by Emma Leahy. It is part of her Dawn and Dusk collection. 

    Northern Ireland ceramist Emma is inspired by the surrounding countryside and the tranquillity of nature. The black and white wildflowers represent Emma’s observation of the changes in light by using the contrasting colours of porcelain. 

    7. Stephen Farnan - Giants Causeway

      Using wooden accents to decorate your home has become a popular feature in interior design. These accent pieces can enrich your living space and create a comfortable setting.

      If you are looking for a new and unique way to brighten up your place why not invest in a wooden accent, like the amazing Wood Prints by Stephen Farnan. 

      Stephen has titled this body of work, ‘Captured Memories’ features a series of landscapes, iconic Coastlines, Cathedrals and more Captured Forever in Porcelain, Pencil & Print.

      What makes these pieces one of a kind is that each piece is made to order.  The slight variations on the grain on the wood or the ripped edge on the porcelain adds subtle differences to the finished piece. Prints are available in two sizes.

      You can find even more beautiful pieces designed and created by local artists in-store or on our website on thedesignerie.co.uk.