8 Pottery Pieces Perfect to Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

8 Pottery Pieces Perfect to Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

If you’re looking to treat yourself this Summer, why not think about purchasing a new pottery piece? These works are so well-crafted that they can be passed down through generations.

There are a number of pottery pieces available at The Designerie that you can purchase that will not only bring life to your home this Summer, but be the start of your pottery’s journey through the ages.

Here are 8 items perfect for brightening up your home this summer:

1) Beach Dip Pot Susan Francesca Hunter

Susan Francesca Hunter is inspired by the natural environment surrounding the North Coast, incorporating the land and seascapes into her artwork. This Beach Dip Pot fuses nudes and blues to pay tribute to the Causeway Coast.

Susan not only creates beautiful ceramic pieces, she produces artwork in a range of other multimedia, including sketching in print and paint, and also in fused glass. She creates her pieces at Makers House in The Designerie.

Purchase Susan Francesca Hunter’s Beach Dip Pot for £35.00 here.

2) Large Hand Thrown Landscape Jug, Amanda Murphy

Inspired by the wildness of the Irish landscape, ceramicist Amanda Murphy creates unique pieces that are individually crafted with throwing rings and stamps to represent the ocean, rivers, waves and islands. 

With a muted colour scheme, this large, hand thrown jug is perfect for quenching the thirsts of al fresco diners, or as a vase for your colourful summer bouquets.

Purchase Amanda Murphy’s Large Hand Thrown Landscape Jug for £34.95 here.

3) Salad Bowl, Castle Arch Pottery

Sure to be the standout piece of your summer BBQ is this ceramic salad bowl from Castle Arch Pottery. With a unique blend of teal and chocolate tones, this piece is sure to last a lifetime of get-togethers.

Based in Kilkenny, Castle Arch Pottery aims to reflect Ireland’s rich tradition of storytelling in each of their pieces, and create heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.  

Purchase Castle Arch Pottery’s Salad Bowl for £49.95 here.

4) Condiment Set, Diem

For those hoping to recreate the Mediterranean tapas experience at home, this set of condiment dishes from Diem is a must. With a Nordic inspired sleekness, these dishes are handmade and are the perfect size to store all of your summer snacks and treats.

The Diem collection was created by Thomas Diem, a second generation designer and potter. Having spent years perfecting his craft, Thomas opened his own studio in 1997 where he produces colourful kitchenware essentials.

Purchase Diem’s Condiment Set for £57.50 here.

5) Large Organic Vase, Ellen Woods

Inspired by the rural landscapes of County Down, Ellen Woods first discovered her passion for ceramics at the age of three in her father’s ceramics studio. Now, she incorporates the picturesque scenes of her childhood in with her pieces.

Her large, organic vase is decorated with vibrant purple, blue and pink flowers in her iconic Cottage Garden pattern, and are the perfect dimensions for storing all sorts of summertime bouquets. 

Purchase Ellen Woods’ Large Organic Vase for £45.00 here.

6) Large Coral Mug, John Ryan

John Ryan’s Large Coral Mug is the perfect shade for enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in the summer sun. It has also been expertly dipped in a food-friendly silk matt finish, meaning it can be repurposed without losing it’s unique texture.

John Ryan finished top of his class studying ceramics, before setting up his own studio in south County Sligo. Over the last 20 years, he has created a number of ceramic pieces heavily inspired by the beauty of his surroundings in the west of Ireland.

Purchase John Ryan’s Large Coral Mug for £19.95 here.

7) Large Mustard Cow, Mount Ida Pottery

For those looking to bring a piece of rural life into your home, this large ceramic cow from Mount Ida Pottery is the perfect addition. With each cow being lovingly imprinted with a leaf-style pattern, no two designs are alike.

Banbridge man, Trevor Woods owns Mount Ida Pottery, and uses his upbringing on a farm as his main inspiration in his pieces. He works with a number of different clays to create authentic and quirky pieces.

Purchase Mount Ida Pottery’s Large Mustard Cow for £40.00 here. 

8) Blue Deco Impressed Cocktail Plate, Sarah McKenna

Perfect for a summer cocktail party is this quirky Blue Deco Impressed Plate from Sarah McKenna. This triangular plate is the ideal size for sitting in the palm of your hand while you sip your refreshing summer-inspired cocktails.

The wallpaper pattern is coated in a blue wash before it is finished with a food safe glaze. This piece is one of many eccentric designs by ceramicist, Sarah McKenna. Sarah established her ceramics business in 2006, and has produced a number of unforgettable pieces ever since.

Purchase Sarah McKenna’s Blue Deco Impressed Cocktail Plate for £32.00 here.

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