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Happy Crafters, Happy Customers and Happy Christmas

Happy Crafters, Happy Customers and Happy Christmas…

When we dreamed of opening The Designerie we were a small group of people passionate about supporting creativity & enterprise. We wanted to create a non-profit, social enterprise based in Bushmills, Northern Ireland. Our goal was and still is to support individuals to do more and to be more in our community through connected creativity. We are passionate about supporting local arts and crafts, and providing an opportunity for local artisans and crafters with a route to market and an opportunity to showcase their products. We knew this formula had worked elsewhere, but would it work here, in Bushmills when the summer was over and the tourists went home?

Last Wednesday, November 30th, we had our second customer event. We invited back the Bubbly Bar, we brought in the macaroons, we agreed up to 20% off selected items with some of our crafters, we emailed and face booked and then we waited. Would anyone register this time, would as many people turn up, would they like our Christmas stock? The answer to all of these was Yes!

In fact not only did people register for the event, some people made it an event. One couple decided to travel up from Groomsport, stay over night and have a short break whilst starting their Christmas shopping at the Designerie. Someone else was here from Scotland and loved the idea of a ‘different’ kind of night out, lots of other people call in all the time and said ‘they wouldn’t miss it’

Wendy Caulfield

At the Designerie we are very grateful to everyone that came along, we were open for longer this time so there was actually space to browse and shop. We also had a draw for our very first Designerie Hamper, worth £150, the lucky winner was Wendy Caulfield!

Some pics of our customers at the event:

We had a lovely time meeting you all and plan to do more events like this next year. Our goal was to support local designer makers and showcase their products, build a supportive community and share some skills in our workshops. It seems like we are on the right track, if you have any ideas you would like us to consider, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


Jayne and the Designerie team



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