Why The Designerie is our special creative place

When we got the green light from our board to start The Designerie, the whole team here at CEA were filled with an instant excitement and drive to get the idea off the ground. We have had a specific focus on the craft sector for over 20 years and had lots of fun times taking group stands at trade fairs like Showcase in Dublin and the British Trade Craft Fair. It was our passion and interest in this area and those memories along with years of advising and guiding many of our countries best creative people that lead us to the concept of The Designerie. We had learned that the biggest hurdle to any designer makers success was almost always a route to market, often it didn’t matter how hard they tried they would simply feel torn when they had to try to become sales and marketing people, rather than doing what they loved, making beautifully creative products.


The Designerie is an innovative, arts and crafts social enterprise.  When we found our unique creative space in Bushmills, we wanted it to be a place where people could create, shop and connect. Our goal was simply "to support individuals to do more and to be more in our community through connected creativity. We are passionate about supporting local arts and crafts, and so we are now providing an opportunity for local artisans and crafters with a route to market and an opportunity to showcase their products". We got the keys, got lots of support and help from our friends and as you know opened the doors almost 18 months ago.


Our workshops provide an innovative space for individuals and groups to learn & develop new skills in contemporary crafts, focusing on repurposed & locally available textiles. We have delivered over 150 workshops to almost 1000 budding designer makers, not to mention over 140 school children. We have had two open nights so far, launched our online store and increased the number of designer makers products as well.


We are just back from a buying trip and we thought it was about time we started introducing you to the talented people behind the products we sell, there are over 70 so it will take us a few blogs to introduce them all! They are all so amazing we cant pick who goes first, so its going to have to be by A-Z...

Andrea Hayes

Angels Unaware

Bluehouse Gifts


We hope you enjoy finding out more about our designer makers, we will introduce you to more of them soon, or feel free to read more on our website


Thanks for reading

The Designerie Team x

February 10, 2017 — Linda Dixon