Mist and Moss - Soft Day Candle
Mist and Moss - Soft Day Candle
Mist and Moss - Soft Day Candle

Mist and Moss - Soft Day Candle

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Mist and Moss Candle

Handmade in Ireland - Mist and Moss Candles are cruelty free and vegan friendly

Mist Grey candle with Soft Day Scent

Blended with the smoke of a real turf fire perfuming the gentle rain.

The pottery vessel is re-usable. 


Burn time over 50 hours

About Mist and Moss Candles, owned by Pauline Davis 

Each handmade candle tells a Fragrance Story inspired by the landscape of Ireland.

Our Candles are made in our Studio in the Mountains of Mourne, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Each one is hand poured by me, Pauline Davis, with the purest of ingredients. 

With a simple ethical ethos of purity, I began to research and experiment with natural, kind and healthy materials. I settled on a plant based wax that is fully biodegradable and contains no pesticides or herbicides. It is plant-based with essential oils.  The beautiful ribbon wick is made from paper, without any metals.  

Simply put, there is no paraffin, no parabens, no lead, no animal testing, no animal derivatives.

Each Candle is presented in a beautiful Gift Box which tells the unique story of the fragrance.