Conor Ramage - Photography Print Kinbane Castle 01

Conor Ramage - Photography Print Kinbane Castle 01

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Lanscape Print by local photographer Conor Ramage

Size A4 


About Conor Ramage

Conor Ramage is a keen photographer from Bushmills, Co. Antrim. 

He studied at Northumbria University and upon graduating he set off travelling in order to see more of the world before settling into a job.

Conor''s future changed when he was diagnosed with a Brain tumour at age 24. He underwent months of radio and chemotherapy as well as major surgery and now he is determined to live his best possible life.

During Conor''s darkest times he found comfort in photographing what he believes is the most beautiful place in the world - thus, his love for photography and an appreciation of the stunning scenery of the North Coast of Ireland was born.

Alongside photography, Conor has recently worked as a props dresser on Game of Thrones Season 8 and Line of Duty and spends much of his spare time fundraising for cancer charities.