Help Your Eco Footprint

Help Your Eco Footprint

The beauty of The North Coast with its dramatic coastline and breath taking landscapes inspire local artists in Northern Ireland. To preserve its beauty, and that of our world it’s important we all think about sustainability and wildlife when purchasing, so that our purchases are made with purpose.  

Here are a few ways you can be more sustainable in your small business, to help your eco footprint:


For your artisan business, tackling the single-use plastic problem means evolving your packaging materials - for more sustainable options. If you are using plastic wrapping for your product, you could consider changing to alternatives, such as craft paper and some twine.
In the case of more fragile items that need a bit more protection, why not try biodegradable bubble wrap?

Why not go the extra mile like Tara from Stitch and Stones, her bags are come with a label with them that can be planted to grow wild flowers, this of course provides nectar for bees and butterflies!! 

Sustainable Supply

One of the biggest impacts makers can have on their eco-footprint is choosing to work with suppliers that can provide you with sustainable raw materials 
Jill Gurney from Linen Lane for example has sustainability as her core, ‘My passion is Irish linen which is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics available’ 
Read more about Linen Lane here.

Reuse and Repurpose
Re-using your scraps or using recycled or repurposing materials can have a positive impact on your eco-footprint.

Look at Taylor Yates lovely Re:claimed handbags, ‘we are delighted to introduce our new planet friendly collection made from repurposed surplus leather. The same quality British leather but with 0% waste’
You can find the Re:claimed pieces here.

Trevor McLean collects driftwood and items people have discarded, he turns them into beautiful pieces like this boat:

You can find if here.

Whatever you create, to be more sustainable, make sure you look at your materials and try to give your left over materials a new purpose to stop them from going to landfills. 

Take inspiration from some of our makers who are already implementing sustainable practices. Visit The Designerie in Bushmills to see a wide range of artisans and designer-maker products or why not call in and chat to our makers on site in Makers House.