Causeway Coffee

I met Chris a few years ago over a cup of coffee as you would only expect. But our story is not one rooted in cafes or by being champion baristas. I had just moved back to Ireland after 25 years in London to look after my mother who was ill. Chris was a community nurse who the family would employ to give me a break from my caring duties. Invariably, our handover briefings always involved a coffee. And so it began.
It didn't take long before we wanted to improve the coffee we had at home. We couldn't always leave the house that easily so why couldn't we make coffee which would be better than that of the high street coffee chains? We knew we had to learn a bit more. Why does one coffee taste better than another? We wanted to appreciate coffee for it's taste and not just as a routine drink.
We quickly learnt that the difference between a good coffee and a regular coffee is like night and day. Freshly ground quality coffee versus stale coffee that might have been on a supermarket shelf for months. It wasn't about being pretentious or fancy. Or judging other coffee drinks by being able to taste a hint of chocolate or a trace of caramel in our coffee.
It was a surprise to both of us that it was cheap and easy to get into. It was amazing how brewing good coffee with just a cafetiere and some specific instructions could transform the taste. No expertise or talent needed.
And why Causeway Coffee? We are from the north coast of Northern Ireland, which is home to the Giant's Causeway. Seems a perfect fit.
So we hope you join us on our journey as we roast the very best ethically sourced coffee, delivered in letterbox friendly packaging, with brew guides to help you bring out the magic of every coffee.
Graham Watts