Gillian Brownlow Art

Gillian joins Makers House as one of the Ulster University graduates from Belfast School of Art to showcase her work in Makers House at The Designerie in Bushmills. 

We are delighted to welcome the creative talent that Belfast School of Art have nurtured and help them grow in their business journey and the team at The Designerie and Makers House will now support them as they showcase their work on the beautiful North Coast. 

The first graduates to show their work will be Bethan McDonnell and Gillian Brownlow, their textile and fashion designs 

Gillian Brownlow takes an intuitive and exploratory approach to the detail she observes in the world.  As a Northern Irish artist the diverse landscape of the Island inspires her.   Whilst constantly assessing connections between her practice and the world around her she aims to holistically inform her reflective artwork by exploring natural, physical and cultural aspects.   

She is a gatherer of found and inherited materials that she likes to repurpose.  A prolific maker, her approach is visceral, responding to the material and allowing its story to develop in her hands.  The result of this process is ultimately communicated to the viewer as they engage with the visual outcome.  She experiments abstractly with colour which is an integral part of her work.  Her love of fine art, the abstract, and all things textile offers her freedom to use whatever medium her current project demands.

View Gillian's work here :. | Gillian Brownlow Art