All of our Makers started their businesses at home, joining Makers House was a big step for them and whilst our doors are closed for a while, their creativity continues. Together we have created Makers@Home, each week we will be sharing either a 'How to Video' from one of the makers, a video of them making or possibly a message to help keep your creative juices flowing and help us all to #StayHome & #StaySafe.

This Week

Join Emma Thorpe from Atlantic Rose and Greensun Paper Crafts for her second Makers@Home video workshop on how to make a large paper wreath sunflower to decorate your walls, using coloured paper, a polystyrene ball and some card.

Steps to enjoy this workshop

Download the instructions HERE (PDF) 
Collect together the materials you need (listed on worksheet)
Play video - Sit back, Watch and Make
Post your creations on our Facebook page or add to instagram stories

Previous Videos & Workshops

Susan Francesca Hunter shows us how she throws pottery on her wheel. A fascinating glimpse into her craft.


Secondly we have Laura McIlveen, Photographer discussing her creative process and giving some helpful tips to all the budding photographers out there. 

Drawing and painting with Sarah Mckay, Artist. Have some fun discovering how to draw

Required materials

Drawing tool: pen, pencil, felt-tip or charcoal
Drawing surface: paper or cardboard

Previous Videos & Workshops

Jill Gurney from Linen Lane is one of our original makers, she is a talented seamstress and can literally make anything. Her new Irish blessings collection is stunning, watch how she creates and embroiders them here, it’s a fascinating short watch.

Claire McDowell has a fun and creative Blow painting workshop’ aimed at the kids but we think it looks like great fun for all the family

What you need

  1. A canvas or large piece of drawing or watercolor paper
  2. Pencil and rubber
  3. Water based paints/ poster paints
  4. Water and paint brushes
  5. Artist masking fluid Or white crayon OR white candle
  6. Small plate for mixing
  7. A straw
  8. Watch Claire take you through the easy steps
  9. Have fun
  10. Send us photos of your finished paintings!

We have a creative treat for you this week, grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and watch the very talented Fee McToal create handmade silk flowers for one of her beautiful hairbands

This week we would like you to meet Lorna Shannon, of Crann + Caora which is Gaelic for Tree + Sheep, she is a weaver and also uses pyrography to create beautiful wooden gifts. Watch the short video below and see Lorna weaving.
Support Lorna by visiting or

Emma Thorpe of Atlantic Rose helps you make Beautiful paper roses

You can find Emma's shop here

Steps to enjoy this workshop

  1. Download the template HERE (PDF) or HERE (JPEG)
  2. Print out
  3. Collect together the materials you need (listed on worksheet)
  4. Play video - Sit back, Watch and Make
  5. Post your creations on our Facebook page or add to instagram stories