Meet Textile Artist Jane Mathers

I am Jane Mathers applied artist with a background in textile crafts; the emphasis of my practice is on texture, decoration and the hybrid mix of traditional and contemporary techniques to create engaging and innovative textile art.  While specialising in embroidery my practice extends to; painting, print and mixed media.  
Having completed a BA (Hons) degree in Textile Crafts, University of Huddersfield and a MA in Multidisciplinary Design, University of Ulster, Belfast, I started up Jane Mathers - Textile Artist, and lecture textiles at local colleges while taking workshops at a number of different venues.
Using my own unique and individual style, developed over a number of years, I capture the landscape and landmarks of my beloved home, Northern Ireland.  Capturing the unique beauty of this captivating landscape through hand drawn illustrations and embroidery is what drives my practice.  All work is created by hand and produced in my studio in the countryside just outside Banbridge, Co Down.