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The Designerie

Beginners Ceramics With Malcolm Murchison - Friday 19th October @7pm


A two hour workshop for absolute beginners.

This two hour workshop will take you step by step through the process of constructing a small lidded box made with ‘leather-hard’ slabs of clay. It will be possible to personalise the piece.

You can make either a cylindrical or rectangular box with a lid, that will be perfect for storing small items or could be gift for someone important in your life.

After the workshop your work will be taken away and fired once to turn it into pottery and a second time to glaze the piece. It will be available for collection in two weeks time.

During the fun workshop you will discover your creative talent and produce a personal handmade

About Malcolm
Malcolm Murchison has taught ceramics for 35 years to adults, children, and university undergraduates. He studied ceramics at the Ulster University and has had a career promoting creativity and life long learning. Malcolm is a full time artist and maker based on the north coast.


Time: 2pm-4pm

Facilitator: Malcolm Murchison

All materials will be provided 

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