Mount Ida Pottery -  Green Calf
Mount Ida Pottery -  Green Calf
Mount Ida Pottery -  Green Calf

Mount Ida Pottery - Green Calf

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Mount Ida Pottery Ceramic Calve - Green 

This beautiful handmade ceramic calve is a must have for your home.  The ceramic has been lovingly crafted and imprinted with a leaf type pattern and then fired / glazed with a green finish. 

Each cow is totally unique and as you can see very cute. 

Approx. 12cm wide x 9cm high 

Please note that because each creation is handmade the colour may differ slightly from our images. 

More about Mount Ida Pottery.......

Based in Banbridge, Co. Down, Northern Ireland and is owned and managed by Trevor Woods.  His work is inspired by his upbringing on a farm, and by living in a beautiful rural environment.  

"Currently, my work has developed into specific themes that has been a response to where and what I have been exposed to in the world around me. The sources of inspiration that run through all of my work informs the routes that I have taken. Many of these influences relate to surface textures form, colour from the world I see around me. I am so lucky to live in such an inspirational place.

I work with a range of clays which includes Porcelain and Stoneware and use a broad range of finishes which includes under glazes, oxides, earthenware and stoneware glazes, to create interesting surface detail. I use various techniques such as throwing and hand-building, to create a range of forms both large and small."