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Foreger Yew Lamp


Foreger Yew Lamp


With its unusual mushroom shaped LED bulb and autumnal colours, the Forager table lamp would not look out of place on the mossy forest floors of Co. Wicklow. Handmade from ancient Irish Yew and copper fittings, this distinctive lamp emits a warm amber glow and works beautifully as a decorative table light in any contemporary setting.


This particular lamp is made from Irish yew, salvaged from Co. Kildare. We believe this wood is somewhere between 600-800 years old. Yew was planted in graveyards many years ago to deter farmers from grazing their cattle because the berries are poisonous to cattle. Yew regularly develops flecks of bright red and purple. These colours develop over time and are due to the minerals in the soil where the tree was growing.

 All copperfish lamps are made by hand in our in Delgany, Co. Wicklow and each comes with a handwritten label describing its provenance. The bulbs are LED and have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours/10 years approx.


  • Full lamp stands 40 cms high approx
  • 18cms square x 8cms high. 3 core wired, earthed, 220-240 volt, E27 fitting.
  • Plug is a black 3 pin UK/Ireland plug.


About Copperfish

Eoin Shanley set up Copperfish in Delgany, Co. Wicklow in 2016.  He began working with old and reclaimed wood under the tutelage of a former coach builder and master joiner during the restoration of a 200-year-old, thatched cottage in Leitrim.   At the time, Eoin found it difficult to find lighting that he liked and started to make his own.

The approach and philosophy used in the restoration of the cottage has flowed through to Copperfish in the use of local and sustainable materials.  Each lamp starts with beautiful Irish storm-fallen or salvaged timber, selected for its character and provenance.  We combine that with natural materials like copper and rope and environmentally friendly LED retro style bulbs, to create unique and distinctive lighting.

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