Rachel Julca - Small Square Black Frame "Bless This House"

Rachel Julca - Small Square Black Frame "Bless This House"

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Mixed media framed work by Rachel Julca featuring colourful ceramic houses

"Bless This House"

Size: 13cm x 13cm 

About Rachel Julca

Rachel Julca's unique background in Graphic design, jewellery, card and felt making along with an inherited kiln thrown in the mix results in the most delightfully happy and individual pictures. Living and working in South America as well as Ireland has been and continues to be a huge influence on her work. Wherever she goes she draws inspiration from her surroundings whether it be a castle, the Antrim coast or local villages. She is passionate about what she does and is constantly thinking up new ideas. 

Rachel makes everything in her pictures herself by hand: each house, tree, bicycle, sheep etc. she also sources the elements herself as "locally" as possible. The quality frames are made within the isle of Ireland from a local company. They sit or hang beautifully. Special requests can be made. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and details while they transport you somewhere nice.