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Silver Dagger Earrings

The stunning dagger earrings: adding edginess to any outfit. No matter if it’s the mini or classics, they have a sharp and sleek design, a recurring theme in my collection, and for good reason, they’re super simple but still make a big impact!

Pink Pearl Necklace

A dreamy combination of a Peachy pearl set in 9ct red gold on a shimmery silver chain. It’s a fine & delicate pendant but of course, has that slight edge too.

Peacock Pearl Bracelet

I designed this piece with the memory of rummaging through my granny's jewellery box and finding the most gorgeous, timeless pearl necklaces and bracelets - pearls are the most elegant addition to your jewellery collection, and you’ll fall in love with the lustre and colour of those stunning peacock pearls! I know I certainty did!