Belfast School of Art Pod

The Belfast School of Art is the largest art and design faculty in Ireland and we are proud to work alongside them, hosting some of their students in Makers House. Check out our current Belfast school of Art artists.

Caitlin McCracken Art

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Tarah Graham Design

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Caitlin's Work

Cute Macrame Keyrings

These handmade macrame keyrings are not only super cute and stylish but also great for not loosing your keys.

Runkerry driftwood boat

Made from authentic driftwood collected from Runkerry beach in the North Coast of Ireland.

Handmade Macrame Coasters

Made to suit any interior, these handcrafted macrame coasters are the perfect size for a hot cuppa or your favourite plant pot.


Coastal Mugs

These coastal inspired mugs are handcrafted with love to capture the essence of the sea - and are one of a kind! Let their coastal charm wash over you with every sip.

Tranquil Trinket Trays

Popping with colour, these eye-catching ceramic trinket trays are lovingly hand-crafted to hold jewellery, candles or even paper clips - there's no better way to clear office clutter than with a stunning little trinket tray.

Bespoke Jewellery

Each piece is beautifully made and handcrafted - offering a range of textures and glazes for dimension and a unique piece of gorgeous jewellery.