We can't do everything......but we can do something!

We can't do everything......but we can do something!

At The Designerie, we are proud to promote sustainability and creativity. Supporting talented and thriving artists within Northern Ireland is more important than ever, both environmentally and economically.
As an enterprise which supports local creatives, The Designerie has crafted a space for local artists to showcase their work and express their creativity whilst encouraging slow, local and sustainable design.
The products below, which are all featured within The Designerie and Makers House, display how makers products are made sustainably.
We can’t do everything, but we can do something
to support sustainability and local artists.

Linen Lane

Linen Lane founder.  Irish Linen Handmade Lampshades.  The Designerie, Bushmills. N.I. Interiors.

Founder of Linen Lane, Jill Gurney, was one of The Designerie’s first residents in the Makers House.

With over 20 years of experience in soft furnishings, Jill’s use of Irish linen, an environmentally friendly fabric, celebrates the homely traditions of linen weaving and spinning within Ireland. 

Alongside offering complete new lamps, Linen Lane also provide a ‘Revamp Your Lamp’ service.  With Jill's expertise and the finest fabric, old and worn lampshades are transformed, giving long-loved lamp bases a new lease of life. 

Call into Makers House and have a chat with Jill from Linen Lane about all your lighting needs.


Taylor Yates

Taylor Yates, Bushmills. Handmade, Leather handbags. Clothing, accessories, gifts.

British brand, Taylor Yates, creates sustainable luxury leather handbags. Owner, Karen Yates, focuses on brand transparency and the product life cycle, creating premium pieces that are designed to last. 

From leather drawstring bags, to clutches and tote bags, Taylor Yates produce each item by hand, working alongside their long established leather producer. They boast the Butterfly Mark powered by Positive Luxury for their continued commitment to sustainable practices.

Using durable British leather and Italian Alcantara lining, Taylor Yates provides premium, long lasting and sustainable leather bags, appealing to the premium product audience whilst maintaining ethicality and sustainability.

Read more here

Form Natural Design

Form natural Design, Handmade wooden table with industrial metal legs.  Northern Ireland based company

Women-owned business based in County Down, Form Natural Design, boasts custom made furnishings that are crafted from sustainable woodland materials within Northern Ireland. Combined with contemporary steel legs, Form creates pieces that marry the natural world and modern home design. 

Form’s tables are handcrafted to last for years whilst exhibiting the natural beauty of wood within the home. Form creates high quality, preserved products from natural materials, promoting sustainability and creation from existing materials.


Drop into The Designerie to see for yourselves the amazing range of unique products we have available and meet our very own local artists who are striving to develop sustainable practices within their businesses.