Small Business Saturday: Porcelain White

Small Business Saturday: Porcelain White

Join us as we get to know Lynne Dyson of Porcelain White and her coastal-inspired ceramics that seek to bring the tranquil beauty of the shorelines into your home. 



Lynne Dyson is a skilled artist and ceramicist who specialises in creating porcelain ceramics. Based in Ballyclare she has been working with ceramics for over 20 years and has gained a reputation for her exquisite pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

 Inspired by a love of the Northern Irish coastline, and characterised by clean lines and delicate forms - Lynne hand crafts each unique piece using a variety of techniques including hand building and carving to reflect the seascapes, waves, and pebbles of the shore.


Hi Lynne, Tell us about your brand, where do you get your inspiration?

My constant inspiration is capturing the beauty of the NI coast, sea and ever changing landscape. As no two days are ever the same each piece of Porcelain White ceramics is unique in pattern and edges.

I sketch, photograph and play with clay to achieve the shapes I like to make. 


Why porcelain ceramics? What about this traditional craft technique in particular do you love?

I was introduced to porcelain in my first job after graduating which was for Maitland-Smith based in factories in the Far East. I loved the pure white colour of the clay and I designed decorative pieces for the American marketplace. I learnt so much in the ceramic industry and have adapted a variety of techniques to use in my studio in Ballyclare. The clay I use is sourced locally and is stoneware so very durable for tableware and dishwasher safe.

The most rewarding thing I’ve been told is that ‘your ceramics bring me joy’!! 

 I really believe in celebrating the everyday and taking joy in the little things— like the pleasure of a favourite bowl or mug to go to every morning or using a range of pieces to serve and share food with friends and family.

Porcelain White grew out of lockdown when I had the time to make what I really wanted to use at home and it has grown from there.


 We love the versatility and beauty these ceramics bring to any table or corner of a home, and we are so proud to be a stockist of here at the Designerie


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