Meet the Maker: Frankie Creith

Meet the Maker: Frankie Creith

Local artist Frankie Creith lives Seaside peninsula town of Portrush. As a Mixed Media Artist, and art school graduate of Ulster University Belfast, Frankie combines a range of materials and techniques within her work.

Her work has been published, televised, exhibited internationally and is held in private and public collections worldwide including the permanent Textile Collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Frankie loves to share and encourage others in the development of their own creativity through teaching and facilitating a range of workshops from her studio in Portrush.

Frankie Creith

What do you do? Tell us about your craft

I am a mixed-media artist, combining a range of materials and techniques within my work.

What did you do before?

Since graduating from art school, I have always worked in the field of visual art. Including  Community Arts,  ‘Artist in Residence’ for the Education Boards and Arts Council of Northern Ireland for over 20 years and as a tutor for City & Guilds Creative/Art courses.  Throughout this period, I also set up my own art gallery whilst continuing to develop my creative practice and fulfil an extensive exhibition programme.

How did you get the idea for this product? Or how did it come about?

I grew up in the countryside near the small North Antrim town of Bushmills, famous for housing the world’s oldest licensed distillery, its ‘Black Bush’ whiskey and location adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the ‘Giant’s Causeway’. 

It is this locality rich in colour, texture and cultural heritage that inspires my work in acrylics, oils, cold wax and fibres.

What is the most challenging part of your craft?

Time... time to research, experiment and explore new ways of working, whilst maintaining the running of my gallery, workshops and life's commitments.

What do you love about this craft?

The layers and textural qualities.

How would you describe your style to someone who didn't know you?

I’m best known for my ‘mixed-media textile’ work which incorporates fabrics, papers, paint, inks, wax, resin and all manner of media through collage, fusing, layering, and finally embellishing with both free machine and hand stitch.

What is a product you want to spotlight?

'Stitched Causeway', mixed-media framed textile.

What makes this particular product so special?

It was created on location at the UNESCO World Heritage site of the ‘Giant’s Causeway’, where at the time I worked alongside five other artist’s from my studio space within The Boathouse Gallery owned by the National Trust.

Who is your target market?

My range of work caters to a wide market.

How can people order/buy your product?

From my gallery located at 61 Main Street Portrush or online via my website, Instagram and Facebook shops.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in business so far?

Don't give up and be prepared to work extremely hard.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting out?

Follow your dream but be prepared for hard work.

How long have you been featured in The Designerie?

Since mid-June 2021.

What area of The Designerie are you featured in?


What do you love about The Designerie?

The quality of work featured, the support of local artists/craft workers and the sharing of creativity with others through the provision of creative workshops.

How would you describe The Designerie to someone who didn't know about it?

Lovely shop on Bushmills Main Street, featuring high-quality art and craftwork by Northern Irish makers.

You can follow Frankie on Facebook, Instagram or find her products and more information on her website.