The Beauty of Wood in Furnishings

The Beauty of Wood in Furnishings

We think there’s something about bringing wood into your home that brings cosiness and warmth to your space. From old sideboards handed down through the generations, or well-loved coffee tables through to your kitchen table – have you ever thought about the skill that goes into making these pieces?

It’s something that we think about a lot - the beauty of a dovetail joint or the skill of a turned leg and I’m sure you’ve noticed some of the intricate details of the many beautiful pieces of furniture we use as part of our displays!

We’re really pleased here at The Designerie and Makers House to be able to showcase what Northern Ireland makers can do with this natural material.


Trevor McLean

Based in Portrush, Trevor uses driftwood, unloved furniture and foraged natural materials to create beautiful homeware pieces. His creative flair never ceases to amaze, and we particularly love his driftwood boats with reclaimed fabric sails! 

For those of you that don’t know, Trevor is also a trained basket maker and was inspired by the beauty of his surroundings on The North Coast to work with reclaimed materials. 

After completing woodwork training, he had the opportunity to train with Alison Ospina, whose work he had admired, at her Green Wood Chair studio in West Cork. Trevor's full range is available in store.


Bulldog Handcrafted Bespoke Furniture

Based in Ballymoney Richard & Steven source beautiful cuts of wood from Northern Ireland sawmills. These lovingly made handcrafted pieces are totally individual and if you have an eye for detail some of the console tables have been highlighted with resin to add an extra dimension to their look!

Friends for over 20 years, Richard and Steven both work in the engineering industry. Richard was looking for furniture for his home when he renovated it but just couldn’t find what he was looking for, hence the idea for bespoke furniture was born!

With both men having a passion for woodwork- they knew they could use their skills to do something creative for the Northern Ireland customer. When it came to the name of their business Bulldog had to be in there as Richard has 5 very spoiled Bulldogs, so a name inspired by them was the obvious choice!

Randell, Winny & Walter


Call in-store to see their range or have a look at this beautiful sycamore piece on our website.


Wilbur Smyth

While for many people, woodturning is simply a hobby, something to pass time with and keep his hands busy, for others like Wilbur, it’s a passion - something which brings together skills, experience and character of a lifetime and turns it into art.

Always choosing to contribute and participate in life, following his early retirement, Wilbur discovered a newfound talent for woodturning.

Each and every one of his remarkable pieces illustrate  his knowledge of wood and exhibit serenity, artistry, caution and determination. He sees the beauty in the spoiled logs, some of which have become his most prized and treasured pieces. 

Call in store to see the handcrafted beauty of Wilbur’s beautiful pieces.


Form Natural Design 

Form Natural Design is a Co. Down based, women-owned business, specialising in designing & making bespoke tables, utilising the ‘live edge’ of a tree, combined with contemporary steel legs. 

They are passionate about preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of wood to bring a little of nature into people’s homes, in a high quality handmade product that will last for generations. 

All their wood is obtained locally from sustainable sources in Northern Ireland, either from tree surgeons or properly managed woodland. Form Natural Designs use live edge pieces of spalted ash, beech, sycamore, yew and many more. All their wood is treated with the highest-quality oils and waxes in order to protect it, and their customers’ enjoyment of it, for many years to come.